Time flies

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Cantilever Swimming Pool of the Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao hotel will make your swim twenty four floors above the ground with nothing but a glass underneath.

 Times flies

Times flies. Looking back on the past three weeks in Shanghai.

I met old friends again and made some new friends. Chinese, Dutch and sometimes they came from other parts of the world. Some are (future) business partners. Others are (potential) customers of my customers. And I met a former Splendid China customer from Holland. It was good to see they can handle the China business well after we helped them to set it up.

With all of them I had interesting talks, laughed, drank (tea only!) and had lots of dinners. One dinner was due to the celebration of the 6th year anniversary of Splendid China and the 1st anniversary of the Shanghai office. Food is essential. In (my) life but in China business too!

To compensate we need exercise… special thanks to Holiday Inn for the invitation and the un-for-get-table experience of swimming above the air! The sky is literally the limit here!

Besides – or better because of – all the fun, we did some good business these weeks. We started a market research for one customer. For another we finalized his bilingual brochure and it is distributed to leads as we speak. For a third one we sent out samples and gathered more information about the distribution channels for their business – and last but not least – for one customer we started selling in China via our webshop.

This time I didn’t need to travel outside Shanghai. Which I really didn’t mind because travelling is a lot less fun with 38 degrees. Despite we did do relation management  throughout the whole country: from Hong Kong to Beijing to Chengdu and further. Nowadays we have (Chinese) social media to help us every day.


Via Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook I tried to give you a glimpse of my life here. I hope it was informative, entertaining but most of all I hope it got you even more interested in this Splendid country called China! In English that is. In Chinese the country’s name is 中国(Zhōngguó).

Thursday I will fly back to Holland and we’ll continu business from there. But for sure I will be back in China soon. Times flies. Even in Holland.

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Posted by Marion Tjin-Tham-Sjin on 10 七月 2012